Original Kahuna Body Work and Aware Movement Retreats


Aware Movement Retreats

Join me for two days and nights at Rainbow Shores in August for our winter Aware Movement Retreat.

This is an opportunity for you to step outside of your routine for a short while to rest constructively, increase your range of motion and physical comfort with gentle micro movements and learn how you can take it home and live it.

No previous experience is needed and all levels of fitness and flexibility are welcome.

The venue will be at beautiful Rainbow Shores, walking distance to the beach.

For overseas visitors, pickup from the airport by Active Transport and Tours to our door at Rainbow Shores is available. 

Fee - $420 meals, accommodation and training inclusive.

Dates – Friday 16 August to Sunday 18 August arrival time after 12 noon Friday 16 & departure after 3pm Sunday 18.


Original Kahuna Body Work Training

Kahuna Body Work Refresher

Three days of Kahuna Body Work and Aligned Movement group practice to inspire, refresh and refine your style.

Kahuna Body Work training provides a safe space to explore the physical practicalities of how you function as a human being and in doing so, amplify your inner diaglogue through awareness of movement and conceptual patterns that trip you up in other areas of your life.

This development of compassionate awareness of your self creates a win/win situation within the application of your 

self in the body work flow. 

Fee - $560 accomodation, meals and training inclusive.

Dates - Friday 11 to Sunday 13 October 2019.

Contact Gaylyn on 0754837699 or  E: motion2flow@gmail.com