Kahuna Mist Massage and Movement


At Kahuna Mist we understand that all philosophical and spiritual viewpoints are valid if we can find the primary motion and transform that motion to enhance, support and facilitate a deeper understanding and awareness of what it means to be human.

This principle of evolution was taught by Abraham Kawai’i, Kahuna and is the baseline from which Kahuna Mist operates.

Our body work and massage treatments reflect this compassionate understanding of our human experience and our training programs in both Bodywork and Movement encourage a complete and open hearted approach to returning to and restoring our body’s natural intelligence.




Kahuna Mist

Women’s Healing Retreat

Our three-day healing retreat has been designed specifically for women who are struggling to maintain equilibrium and equanimity in their daily lives.

This can be manifested as a long list of ailments that are undetected or have no label in medical diagnostic techniques -


  • you feel you never have enough time
  • you wake up each morning tired
  • your body feels uncomfortable and tense
  • your muscles and joints ache and energetic flexibility is a distant dream
  • you’re always grumpy, impatient and on the verge of losing your cool
  • breathlessness and panic
  • feeling depressed for no known reason
  • accidents and repetitive injuries


During our three days together I’ll help you understand how your body functions as a woman and how you can change unsustainable nervous system patterns to regain dynamic balance and wellbeing.


The course material is informative, practical, easy to understand and gentle in its approach to expanding your range of motion, flexibility, improving breath integrity and balancing your nervous system.


A beautiful interweaving of practical anatomy and spirit consciousness to become aware of and acknowledge the dimensional layering of our humanity through our senses. 


Akaroa New Zealand

Friday 11, Saturday 12, Sunday 13 April


Auckland New Zealand

Friday 18 Saturday 19 Sunday 20 April


The $750 fee includes three nights accommodation and all meals.


Contact Gaylyn E:info@kahunamist.com

Phone 61 7 54837699 (Australia)